At NACPT you learn everything through a practical approach
testimonial from Subagini Baskaran B.Sc.
Two months ago, I had come to know about NACPT while browsing through the internet. I enrolled in the program soon after, and liked the environment, because you learn everything through a practical approach. Their teaching methods make it easy to understand the content. NACPT further helped me with my interview skills and I got the job before I finished the program. The professors are highly qualified and they are all from the pharmaceutical/ bio-pharmaceutical industry. The unique thing about this college is that the professors cover the essential content that you need to know for the pharmaceutical related job market. NACPT is different from other colleges in many ways, including the short, fast track and in-depth programs. We also get special individual attention in terms of hands-on training, job searching and connections within industries. I also received a $2000 scholarship from NACPT for my program. I strongly recommend NACPT to other students because of the excellent teaching environment, coaching techniques, job assistance service and more.
Subagini Baskaran B.Sc.
QPIC/QA Coordinator at Lynden International Logistics