NACPT helped me to build confidence and prepared me thoroughly for all the interviews I had to face!
testimonial from Pradha Muruganathan M.Sc.
It is with great pride that I draft this letter of appreciation to North American College of Pharmaceutical Technology (NACPT) in acknowledgement of their immense support and guidance from the onset of my training phase to my entry into the pharmaceutical industry. During 2012, I had enrolled in the Pharmaceutical and Bio-pharmaceutical Clinical Research, one of the Post-Degree Diplomas offered at NACPT. The program was designed exceptionally well to accommodate academic teaching with hands-on training experiences, through which I had enriched my understanding of the pharmaceutical industry and all the regulatory bodies that govern it. Each class was conducted by industrial experts who brought interesting insights into current and best practices within the industry. Apart from the quality – hands on training I had attained, NACPT had also helped me get a government grant in support of my work term, and also supplemented with a scholarship of $ 3000. I have also had the opportunity to work at NACPT as a Program Coordinator (co-op position), which allowed me to further strengthen my leadership and interpersonal skills. Most importantly, NACPT had set itself apart by building partnership with various pharmaceutical companies and inviting them for on-campus hiring. It was truly a great experience and one of the greatest rewards was the number of job opportunities that had come my way upon completion of the program. Last but not the least, NACPT helped me to build confidence and prepared me thoroughly for all the interviews I had to face! As I begin a new journey within the pharmaceutical industry, I will cherish each memorable moment at NACPT for a lifetime! My hearty thanks to the CEO of NACPT and all industrial experts once again for all that you have done to help me begin a new chapter in my life!
Pradha Muruganathan M.Sc.
Advanced Technician Downstream at Sanofi Pasteur