Industrial Cannabis Production Technology Program

35 weeks (8 months) of training, with 4 weeks of breaks and 4 months of optional job assistance program

Industrial Cannabis Production Technology

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The Industrial Cannabis Production Technology Program is effectively designed to meet the program outcomes of equipping students with the appropriate level and knowledge to enter a position at a cannabis commercial production facility in Canada. Students who complete the program will understand how the regulatory framework in the Canadian cannabis industry applies to commercial production and students will be able to operate successfully at a cannabis production facility as well as in other careers where knowledge of cannabis commercial production is required.

The program has Lab/Workshop/Field Work, allowing for a sufficient combined hours and variety in the program delivery. The practical time spent at the workshops, field work and field trips to Cannabis companies will allow students to gain real life experience in the cannabis industry and support the in-class theoretical knowledge obtained through the course materials.

The Industrial Cannabis Production Technology program delivery is appropriate for the target audience to meet the intended program objectives.

The program contains key core courses on topics within the scope of the Cannabis Regulations Act to ensure regulatory compliance. Specific key core courses of the program include the Cannabis Regulations, Cannabis Commercial Production Mechanisms, Cannabis Facility Design, Cannabis Security, Cannabis Sanitation Program, Cannabis Good Production Practices, Cannabis Supply Chain, and Cannabis Commercial Process Qualifications.

Admission Requirements

Mature students can apply for this program. Domestic and International students are welcome to apply at NACPT Pharma College. Minimum of 18 years old. Police clearance report must be submitted.

After successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Design and establish effective cannabis facility for production
  • Produce quality product as per the regulatory standards and requirements
  • Comply with current production technology
  • Apply best cultivation and processing techniques
  • Control diseases in effective manner
  • Controls pests as per regulatory standards
  • Establish effective cannabis program
  • Develop current cannabis good production practice procedure
  • Test products as per the regulatory standards
  • Establish supply chain market trends
  • Develop appropriate process qualification methods for production
  • Identify the biological production methods in current commercial production
  • Establish quality management systems within companies for better performance
  • Start career in cannabis related industries: edibles, cosmetic, medical device, neutraceutical, bio-technology and others

Cannabis Jobs Opportunities in Canada:

  • Responsible Person (RP)
  • Qualified Person (QP)
  • Quality Assurance Person (QAP)
  • Policy Makers/HR Associates
  • Head of Security
  • Process Engineers/Scientists
  • Product Developers
  • Clinical Research Associates
  • Technical Writers
  • Cannabis Master Production Growers
  • Technicians
  • Analysts
  • Cannabis Extractors
  • Sales And Marketing Associates
  • Cannabis Consultants/Educators
  • Validation Specialists