Master Grower (MG)

Published On: October 20, 2019

The legalization of cannabis has exponentially increased the number of cannabis users and growers. Whether you’re interested in growing for yourself or working for a Licensed Producer (LP), with the right information flourishing your cannabis buds can be a simple and rewarding experience.

What does an MG do?

There are many aspects of the cannabis plant that someone needs to be aware of in order to grow a bountiful crop. For those who lack experience and knowledge, the end result can be wasted time and plants. Some things you’ll want to take into consideration include seeds and seedlings, strains, plant nutrition, pest and disease control, containers and soil, lighting, vegetative and flowering periods, harvest, equipment, breeding and more. 

A person who wants to be a Master Grower is dedicated to their craft and will likely have an interest in botany. A Master Grower will understand the ins and outs of cannabis cultivation. They’ll feel comfortable in each phase of growth and be able to spot any issues of nutrition or disease in the plant appearance. Master Growers must also know and follow all Government, Health Canada and EU regulations during their practice.

Looking to Get Into the Cannabis Space?

For those looking to work in the cannabis space, MG is an incredibly sought after position. Right now, in Canada, there are more open positions in growing then there are people to fill them. At NACPT, we saw this need years ago and have worked hard to develop a program that will highly benefit each student. We even won this year’s Cultivation Education award at the #GrowUp conference. 

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