Published On: October 20, 2019

If you’ve been following the news on the cannabis industry, you’ve most likely been able to see the issues with a lack of compliance with Health Canada’s regulations for operating a cannabis business. 

Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) are set in place to help ensure safety in maintaining consistency in production in a controlled way that allows for quality and reliability for the intended user. It is incredibly important for any cannabis business wishing to maintain their license to follow these guidelines in order to succeed.

Let’s take a quick moment to define cannabis and its components...

Cannabis: a genus of flowering plants that belongs to the cannabaceae family. It is a tall plant with a stiff, upright stem. There are three species that are recognized, cannabis sativa, cannabis indica and cannabis ruderalis. 

THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) : the main active ingredient in cannabis, known for its psychoactive components.

CBD (Cannabidiol) : a naturally occurring compound found in the resinous flower that is non-psychoactive.

Hemp: cannabis plants containing low levels of THC. In Canada, this refers to plants with THC contents equal to or lesser than 0.3%.

While the production of cannabis can have many different end results (edibles, flowers, vapours, tinctures) it all begins in the same place-- cultivation. 

GMP will be evident from the start. If you’re planning on operating a cannabis business, you’ll need to know the proper setup for successful cultivation. Growing indoors and/or outdoors can depend on the place in which you live. You’ll also want to consider methods for harvesting, drying and curation of the plant. The overall processing of the plant will be specific to whether or not you are selling dried flowers, extracting oil or creating edible products.

Having a solid plan for your cannabis business to follow under the GMP will help to ensure your own success, as well as the safety of all those consuming your products. It is an important aspect of maintaining trust in the industry and allowing for cannabis to remain legal. 

If you’re interested in learning more about the GMP of cannabis, please feel free to call +1 416 412 7374 and set up an appointment with the college director.

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