Professional Series of Seminars in Pharmaceutical and Related Fields

NACPT conducts Professional Series of Seminars in Pharmaceutical and Related Fields through out the year. Make sure you drop by to see the upcoming events!

Seminar Topics Date
Validation Topics
Today’s View of Good Clinical Practices (GCP) in Pharmaceutical Industry TBD
Specific Topics
SAP System Applications TBD
Regulatory Topics
Process Improvement using Six Sigma Tools TBD
Pharma Internal Auditing TBD
Performance Management and Business Excellence in Regulatory Sector TBD
Packaging Validation and Packaging Components TBD
OOS investigation and LIR TBD
New/Existing Drugs – Technology Transfer TBD
Microbiological Contamination and Sterile Validation TBD
Managing multiple projects in the generic industry TBD
Learn Six Sigma Tools in Effective Project Management TBD
Internal Auditing TBD
Intermediate Canadian Regulatory Affairs for Aspiring Managers TBD
Integrate Quality Development into Industry and Regulatory Sectors TBD
Industrial Clean Safe and Sanitization/Sterilization TBD
Global Regulatory Affairs Compliance TBD
GAP Analysis, CAPA and Change Control System Implements TBD
Essentials of Canadian Regulatory Affairs TBD
Designing an analytical method validation protocol based on ICH TBD
Delivering value in project management (including a look at increasing funding through the Scientific Research and Experimental Development program in Canada)
Current Process Validation Technology in Pharma/Related Industries TBD
Computer Validation: Critical Elements TBD
Challenges Face by Industries in terms of Effective Cleaning Validation TBD