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Cannabis is classified as a cannabinoid medicine.
The cannabis industry is rapidly growing in Canada the world industry leader.

There is lack of skilled workers in the cannabis space. According to the research performed by International Medical Cannabis Association in 2019, many growing cannabis Licensed Producers and related companies are struggling to find skilled workers in the space. There are many individuals who have growing experience, but most of them do not have the appropriate level of education, credentials and regulatory updates to be truly successful in the cannabis space. Therefore, education and training is an essential and critical element in the cannabis space.

Our cannabis training programs give you job specific training that will put you miles ahead of the competition.

Cannabis Colleges in Canada

What are the

Potential jobs available

in the booming cannabis industry?

There are four key jobs which are in very high demand. They include Quality Assurance Person (QAP), Head of Security (HP), Master Grower (MG) and Responsible Person (RP). These are key positions that are required by regulatory agencies to run a cannabis company. In addition, there are hundreds of other potential jobs that are available in the cannabis space.

What are the Programs offered by NACPT Pharma College?

Pharma College is registered as a career college under the PCC Act, 2005 and operates under NACPT Pharma College Corp. NACPT has two campuses in Ontario. Cannabis Colleges in Canada Located in the heart of the Cities of Toronto and Mississauga, Ontario. Cannabis Colleges in Canada was established to serve the needs of ever increasing cannabis and related skill development training; to supplement their job-related inadequacies, thereby facilitating a smooth transition towards an ultimate career aspiration and business targets. Pharma College offers the first government approved cannabis post-secondary diploma programs which includes Industrial Cannabis Production Technology and Industrial Cannabis Quality Control and Quality Assurance programs. These are very in-depth programs which are designed by highly qualified cannabis and pharmaceutical professional teams to meet the cannabis industry standards and Canadian and International regulatory requirements.

Post – Secondary Diploma Programs

Industrial cannabis production technology

35 Weeks, with production exposure with optional 4 months job assistance program within cannabis industry

The Industrial Cannabis Production Technology Program is effectively designed to meet the program outcomes of equipping students with the appropriate level and knowledge to enter a position at a cannabis commercial production facility in Canada.

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Cannabis quality control and quality assurance

35 weeks (8 months) of training, with 4 weeks of breaks and 4 months of optional job assistance program

The Cannabis Quality Control and Quality Assurance program is developed to provide the training and technical knowledge for the implementation of Quality Assurance in the Canadian Cannabis Industry.

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Professional Series of Cannabis Certificate Programs

Cannabis plant science

Cannabis Plant Science program covers plant biology and functions how cannabinoids works on human system…

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Cannabis facility management and security

This webinar covers wide range of cannabis facility management and security regulatory requirements, risk assessments and all related topics…

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Cannabis head of security

Cannabis Head of Security is a Health Canada requirement for Licensed Producers. This webinars covers security plan, systems, risk assessments, reports, workplace violence, training, product security, cyber-attacks, business cont…

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Cannabis responsible person

Responsible person is a key person for LP to oversee all activities which requires technical knowledge, skills and management skills…

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Quality assurance for cannabis–certificates training

The Cannabis Quality Control and Quality Assurance for Cannabis training program provides you with the technical knowledge and skills for assuring that each cannabis product is safe and suitable for sale or to be provided under the Cannabis Act…

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Effective technical writing for cannabis sector

Creating technical procedures, templates, protocols for medical cannabis products. Investigating and implementing CAPA, gap analysis and change controls. At the completion of the training, you will be effectively work with technical…

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Current sanitation requirements for medical cannabis sector

Developing sanitation procedures, records, pest controls, training program, inspection and investigation for medical cannabis facility and equipment…

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Cannabis related good production practices (GPP) and good documentation practices (GDP)

Cannabis related GPP, Good Agricultural Collection Practices (GACP), Good Documentation Practices (GDP), Good Production Practices (GPP), Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and Good Validation…

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Cannabis investment and entrepreneurship in canada

Investing in cannabis businesses in Canada…

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Analytical laboratory testing in the cannabis sector

Cannabis method development, method validation, raw material and finished product testing including data analysis using software, certificate of Analysis CofAs preparation and investigation report preparation…

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Clinical trial monitoring for medical cannabis products

Adequate level of clinical trials, regulations, and standards for medical cannabis clinical trials…

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Cannabis process related validation

Cannabis process related validation covers the qualification of seed, cultivation, and process performance qualification along with packaging, cleaning and system validation overview…

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Training for nurses/medical practitioners in regards to medical cannabis prescriptions

An overview of the process of assessing a patient’s suitability for cannabis products…

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Cannabis infused product development (Edibles, Cosmetic, Medical device, Nutraceutical and related products)

Cannabis Infused Product Development : An overview of cannabis-infused products and demos which will help students to get an idea of…

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Health canada cannabis regulations, Acts and licensing processes

Helping to understand Health Canada LP Application processes in compliance with regulatory requirements…

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Cannabis plant biotechnology

Fermentation scale-up for plant propagation and production of cannabinoid terpenes in a small and production levels…

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Cannabis at the Workplace

This certificate is focused on a variety of aspects that will impact Canadian workplaces, and highlight practical implications, considerations and best practices for employers. Learn from industry leaders and experts with…

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Current cannabis audit and inspection

Overview of the Current Cannabis Audit and Inspection process to be in compliance with Canadian and international regulations…

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Cannabis master grower

Cannabis Master Grower in Cannabis Colleges in Canada (NACPT) : Managing a Micro-Scale Cannabis Cultivation facility- Traditional Cultivation and Managing a Large-Scale Cannabis Cultivation facility. This topic will include all the…

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Good manufacturing practice (GMP) for cannabis production

Number of European countries have legalized or decriminalized the medical use of cannabis up to certain extend. There is an unavoidable need for the cannabis industry to implement strict regulatory…

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Cannabis extraction practices

Overview of the various cannabis extraction techniques, regulatory requirements, process efficiencies, sampling and testing requirements…

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Marketing and Sales for the Cannabis Sector

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Cooking with cannabis

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Pharma College has proven history cannabis industrial skill and corporate training to many Licensed Producers (LPs), public, graduates and laid-off professionals through various grants such as second career grant, job grant and other financial options.

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