CAN015 Cannabis Plant Biotechnology




Course Fee : $860

Duration : 1 Day

Time : 9 AM – 5 PM

Program Overview: Fermentation scale-up for plant propagation and production of cannabinoid terpenes in a small and production levels.

  • Principles for in-vitro culture
  • Propagation phases and start-up of a healthy culture
  • Scale-up in fermenters
  • Production and characterization of cannabinoid terpene secondary metabolites
  • Establishment and validation plan for the manufacturing process
  • Quality assurance / Quality control of the process, in process and release tests
  • Critical Process Attributes, Critical Process Parameters and Material specifications for initial, in-process and final products in compliance with FDA/BGTD requirements
  • Case Study

Who should attend?

Cannabis Production and Distribution

  • Production Manager
  • Greenhouse Manager
  • Master Grower
  • Head of Security
  • Responsible Person

Regulatory Compliance

  • Licence Producer/Consultant
  • Quality Assurance Person (QAP)


  • Public Health Professionals
  • Economic Development Professionals
  • External Testing Labs

Quality Control and Quality Assurance

  • Quality Control (QC) Manager
  • Qualified Person in Charge (QPIC)
  • Alternative Quality Person in Charge (AQPIC)
  • Technical Writer

Research and Development (R&D), Analytical Development (AD)

  • Technician
  • Technologist
  • Analyst
  • Scientist

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